Thursday, September 17, 2009

9/12 Protest Washington DC

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We have some liberal idiots amongst us who are accusing me of fakery. Obviously they are incapable of performing math or grasping how averages work (it's not surprising that they don't know the difference between net and gross given the financial record of the people they vote for) so I will be nice and hold their hands:

The majority of the time, IE the time passed during the day, NOT the time passed during the video, (there is a MASSIVE difference as 80% of the day takes up only 30% of the video) has been sampled every 5 or 10 minutes to hurry it along, down to every 60 seconds for the actual march to portray the movement properly.

The shortest time span between frames here is 60 seconds despite the source being updated every 2 seconds. All frames were captured manually by me as .PNG files, extended to 1/3 second long and stitched together at 30FPS. Yes, that's how I spent my morning... sitting on my ass pushing a button.

So... framerate = 30 to satisfy YouTube, visible framerate = 1/3 of that as 10FPS is taken up displaying the same image. Total running time approx 40 sec, total time represented = 3.5 hours.

With that out of the way, make sure to read through the comments and laugh at all the useful idiots, lol. One is even a meteorologist, apparently... one who doesn't understand the concept of thermal layers and the fact that ground windspeed has nothing to do with windspeed above 1000 feet... one look at the difference between the direction the flag is blowing compared to the cloud direction will prove my point for me. Oh, and science will too... remember science? Fact? Reality? I thrive on them, myself.

READ THE COMMENTS. See who you're dealing with... complete idiots!
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